Corporate Social Responsibility
V.G.Quenim believes in corporate social responsibilities thru contribution to the society - socially, economically and environmentally for sustained development

Responsible mining and good business practices are our major forefront principles and we always strive to enhance our ethics of quality and compliance to be at par with national and global standards.

Community Engagement
Community Engagement is an important area for many companies, but in a sector like ours, it's an essential part of how we do business. Our social strategy is to maximize the potential of each community, respecting their specific needs and empowering local resources.

We promote entrepreneurship in the communities by helping people to develop their own talents, and provide soft loans and contracts for generating self-employment in transport and other mining related sectors. This is the surest way to enhance quality of life and to make a sustainable contribution to ongoing development.

We know we can have a large impact on local communities, surrounding the mines and we accept the additional accountability that comes with that. We always aim to act in a spirit of openness and honesty, since we know that's the only way to develop genuine trust.