Specialised Ore Processing
The excavated crude ore is crushed and screened using local as well as imported static and mobile screening / crushing plants wiz. Terex, pilot Pilot Crushtec, CDE etc.

In the year 2006 the ore beneficiation facilities were commissioned initially for low grade hematite. For silicious ore, the state of the art iron ore beneficiation plant (cde) from Ireland was installed for crushing, grinding, screening, classification and Using Cyclone Technology.

We are currently in the process of installing the WHIMS (Wet High Intensity Magnetic Seperators)Plant from ROCHE,Australia to generate higher grade of Iron Ore fines.

Our major products are iron ore fines and calibrated iron ore lumps. Laterite ore with 50-58% fe high alumina and low silica Low grade hematite having 52-56% fe moderate silica and alumina.

High grade hematite having 60-64% fe with low alumina and silica. Silicious ore having 48-52% fe with high silica and very low alumina. With the above 4 types of ore we are able to cater to a wide variety of buyer’s needs.

Mining Services
The mining process is done thru excavation in an open pit mine using 30/40 tons class hydraulic excavators and 10/20 tons class trucks for haulage with a compliment of various dozers, rock breakers, wheel loaders etc.

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